Sunday, December 27, 2015

Introductions: About Melo

Born in Netherlands, raised in Istanbul, studied in Washington DC, and now living in Dubai. I am a girl that works in marketing for an international tech company.
I am passionate about street style, art, movies, TV shows.. I might be too passionate about TV shows.. If you like Star Wars, Marvel Series then we might get along.. if you are not then there are more options.. don't ask me what my favorite movie is, there is not one.. there are too many and we will be stuck here forever..
I love travelling.. my heart beats for Paris, for Bodrum and for Istanbul. Monaco has a special place in my heart so does Eze. I want to travel more, there are so many places to see. Want to see Hong Kong, Rome, Shanghai, Nairobi, and so much more..  
I am a Pisces at heart.. and forgetful as a fish.. sometimes as much as Dora. So I do apologize if I am silent sometimes.. another thing about me I am crazy about elephants so you might find a lot of them on the blog once in a while.. 
I guess this blog is my letter to you, Dear, a way for me to share my life with you..
Hope you enjoy it, as much I enjoy writing to you..
Love, Melo

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