Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baking: Almond Biscotti

Hello dear,
I have always liked to bake.. not cook.. just bake.. I have to cook occasionally but I am not that well at it to be honest. I think I gave more talent when it comes to baking.
I have always been amazed with how  that small dough turns into this beautiful cake or cupcake, brownie, or just a plain biscotti.. I am not a person that sticks to measurements, I think it takes the magic out of it.. but occasionally it helps to know how much of what goes into that magic mix.
Biscotti goes well with a nice brewed coffee.. always.. or just with tea.. black tea is better.. so here is my version of my biscottis..With a little Melo Love included in them.. so make sure you make them with love.. the thing I learned from my grandmother is that you can not cook or bake angry - you need to be calm and happy.

  • 2 cups of flour  - I use All Purpose flour
  • 1 cup sugar - people usually use white sugar, I prefer brown or unprocessed
  • Baking power - just 2 teaspoons
  • Vanilla and Almond extracts - 1 teaspoon for each.. 
  • Almonds - a handful, I cut them with  a knife, or brake them by hand.. then just for a second put them in a blender.. i like big and small pieces to mix..
  • 3 eggs - 1 extra on the side - I keep 1 extra, I like to feel the dough and if it feels really rough I like to add the extra one too
  • Salt- this is optional, I don't like to put salt.. but if you want to just a little teaspoon should be enough..

Making & Baking:
Step 1 - Turn your oven on to 375 F, 190 C.
Step 2 - mix all of the above ingredients together.. there is no order nothing..
Step 3 - now dig in with your hands.. go through the dough until it feels homogeneous.. you will understand believe me.. trust your instincts.
Step 4 - Lay a parchment on your tray..
Step 5 - separate your dough into 2, and make a cylindrical dough of each and lay on the tray. keep them apart.. because they are going to get biiiig...
Step 6 - put in the oven, wait for about 20 mins.. depending on your oven.. keep an eye on it.. can go until 30 mins..
Once it is golden brown.. take out.. wait 5-10 mins for the dough to cool down..
Now start cutting.. 1 finger wide cuts should be enough..If the center is too goey then you should put it back to the oven as is for another 5 minutes and return to cutting after. 
Step 7- Now lay them again on to your tray, sideways.. put back in the oven..Wait about 10-15 mins - again keep an eye on it.. it is your oven :) they should get more of a caramel, golden brown color 
Take out and enjoy.. that is it..Easy breezy!
Hope you love it.. let me know how it goes... next time I might put some pictures too.
Love, Melo

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