Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Men's Fashion: Suspenders

Hello Dear, how are you?

I have been trying to clean my OneDrive for the past week. Trying to delete all the unnecessary items I have kept over the years and trying to keep the important ones, the memories.
While cleaning up, I realized I save a lot of stuff.. I mean a lot! Without even thinking of what they are for. I either take a snippet, or just save photos that inspire me. Looking back at all the photos has been really interesting and they really have inspired me. So I deleted a few, organized the rest into different folders. Out of all of this one thing stood out - apparently there was a time in which I was into suspenders..

Being into suspenders makes sense - I still do like them. I believe they are extremely fashionable on men but also on women.  There are certain Do's and Don'ts when it comes to suspenders but I would hate to generalize..

Below are some inspirations - from my past. I am not sure where I got most of them (sad face) and also my view on suspenders:

  • Suspenders are a pair of accessory, yet it needs to be subtle. Did you know that in the past they were considered underwear? Weird right?

  • Belt hoops or no belt hoops? This is a tricky one. I think it depends on ones personal style as with everything else. Personally I don't think there is a right or wrong with this? As a men - you reserve the right to have belt hoops on your pants if you want to.. And if you feel like it one day you should be able to wear your suspenders with that awesome suit, right?
  • Belt? OK this one I can be strict.. Belt is a method for keeping your pants up - other than looking stylish and good. Suspenders are a method to keep your pants up. So you probably don't need 2 accessories working for the same mission, right? So if you chose to go with suspenders, then no belt is needed! That is a definite NO from me.
  • I know I said suspenders are supposed to be subtle.. But to be honest.. If you don't feel like wearing your jacket, but want to keep it more casual, then just do it. Because I think if your shirt is the right fit, along with that nice pant, added suspenders would only make you look more stylish.. So flaunt it if you have too.

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